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Spinning Display Tower Furnished with 96 Grouted Boards

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Product Information

Floor Footprint: 30" x 30"

Height: 6' 11 5/8"

Weight: 515 lbs (including grouted boards)

Shipping Pallet Size: 40" x 80" 

Aluminum Herringbone
  • AM1121P – Calacatta with Gold Aluminum Herringbone (MB230)
  • AM9521H – Dolomite with Gold Aluminum Herringbone (MB292)
  • AM9522H – Dolomite with Silver Aluminum Herringbone (MB293)
  • AM1122P – Pearl White with Silver Aluminum Herringbone (MB227)
  • AM1123P – Pacific Gray with Silver Aluminum Herringbone (MB228)
  • AM9526H – Dolomite with Copper Rose Aluminum Herringbone (MB340)
  • AM7080P  Black with Gold Aluminum Herringbone (MB364)
  • AM9200H - Bianco Oro with Gold Aluminum Herringbone (MB401)
Aluminum Picket
Aluminum Random Strip
  • AM1129P – Calacatta with Gold Aluminum Random Strip (MB283)
  • AM1130P – Pearl White with Silver Aluminum Random Strip (MB282)
  • AM8870P – Pearl White Argyle with Pacific Gray (MB106)
  • AM7170P – White Absolute Argyle with Emerald Green (MB107)
  • AM8270P – White Absolute Argyle with Bianco Carrara (MB169)
  • AM5100P – White Thassos Captiva with Blue Celeste and Ming Green (MB231)
  • AM5101P – White Thassos Captiva with Crema Marfil (MB232)
  • AM5102P – White Thassos Captiva with Carrara D (MB233)
  • AM8634H – Pearl White Diamondback with Sand Dollar (MB205)
  • AM8636H – Pearl White Diamondback with Pacific Gray (MB207)
  • AM9125P - Tri-Blend Fan (Blue Celeste, White Thassos, Azul Macauba) (MB434)
  • AM9063P - Blue Celeste Fleur with White Thassos and Azul Macauba Dot (MB433)
  • AM9057H - Calacatta Fleur with White Thassos and Crema Marfil Dot (MB432)
  • AM7162P – Ming Green Fleur with White Thassos (MB253)
  • AM8824P – Pacific Gray Fleur with Pearl White and Black (MB254)
  • AM9060P – White Thassos Kaleidoscope with Black (MB238)
  • AM9061P – White Thassos Kaleidoscope with Blue Celeste and Ming Green (MB237)
  • AM8631H – Pearl White Kaleidoscope with Pacific Gray (MB212)
Modern Weave
  • AM8630P – Pearl White Modern Weave with Pacific Gray Dot Polished (MB191)
Petite Jewel
  • AM2111H - Bianco Oro Petite Jewel with White Thassos (MB422)
  • AM2112H - Calacatta Petite Jewel with White Thassos and Crema Marfil (MB424)
  • AM2113H - Pearl White Petite Jewel with Mystic Gray and Bardiglio Nuvolato (MB423)
  • AM2110P - White Thassos Petite Jewel with Blue Celeste and Azul Macauba (MB425)
Random Joint
  • AM6730H - Blue Celeste & White Thassos Regalia Honed (MB436)
  • AM6731H - Calacatta Gold & White Thassos Regalia Honed (MB437)
  • AM6732H - Dolomite & Crema Marfil Regalia Honed (MB438)
  • AM6733H - Emerald Green & White Thassos Regalia Honed (MB439)
  • AM6734H - Pearl White & Bardiglio Nuvolato Regalia Honed (MB440)
  • AM1127P – Pearl White Serpentine with Silver Aluminum (MB348)
  • AM1128P – Calacatta Serpentine with Gold Aluminum (MB349)
  • AM7292H – Bianco Carrara Silhouette with White Thassos (MB377)
  • AM7295H - Bianco Oro Silhouette with White Thassos and Crema Marfil (MB421)
  • AM7291H – Calacatta Gold Silhouette with Crema Marfil & White Thassos (MB378)
  • AM7296H - Dolomite Silhouette with Beachwood & White Thassos (MB412)
  • AM7290H – Pearl White Silhouette with Mystic Gray & Bardiglio Nuvolato (MB379)
  • AM7294P – White Thassos Silhouette with Blue Celeste & Azul Macauba (MB420)
  • AM7293P – White Thassos Silhouette with Blue Celeste & Emerald Green (MB380)
  • AM8639P – Pearl White Starlight with Pacific Gray (MB208)
  • AM8642P – White Thassos Starlight with Crema Marfil (MB209)
  • AM8643P – White Thassos Starlight with Ming Green (MB210)
  • AM8644P – White Thassos Starlight with Blue Celeste (MB211)
  • AM1108P – Calacatta Triweave with Calacatta Dot (MB257)
  • AM1109H – Pearl White Triweave with Pearl White Dot (MB216)
  • AM1110H – Pearl White Triweave with Pacific Gray Dot (MB213)
  • AM1111P – White Thassos Triweave with Blue Celeste Dot (MB215)
  • AM1112H – Beachwood Triweave with Driftwood Dot (MB214)
  • AM1114H - Dolomite Triweave with Crema Marfil Dot (MB415)

Sizing Information


Size: 6' 11 5/8" Set

Please Remember to Order 10% Extra Material for Breakage & Cuts!