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Aqua Mix® Grout Sealer Spray

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Aqua Mix Grout Sealer Spray is a water-based solution designed to protect grout from a variety of contaminants. It effectively resists both water-based and oil-based spills and stains, making it suitable for use with cement-based sanded and unsanded grouts installed between natural stone, unglazed bisque and porcelain tile, clay pavers, concrete, and brick.

By sealing the grout, this product helps simplify ongoing maintenance. Importantly, it does not alter the appearance of the grout and still allows for moisture vapor transmission.

Key benefits:

  • Repels food, dirt, and grease
  • Inhibits mildew and bacteria growth
  • Simplifies grout maintenance


  • SKU: QMX120
  • Collection: Maintenance & Care Products
  • Sold By: Bottle
  • Size: 24 Oz.
  • Weight per Bottle: 1.895 lbs

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