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**LIMITED STOCK** Bali Black Cobblestone Mosaic - Elon Tile

**LIMITED STOCK** Bali Black Cobblestone Mosaic


The Riverstone Collection has the look of stones acquired from a river bed. These stones are mesh mounted and varied in color and shape. All of the sheets have scalloped edges for a tight interlocking installation and are hand selected to provide a uniform thickness with a satiny luster. His collection is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, and while lovely on their own, they can be combined with other natural stones or used as a border.


SKU: MY100

Collection: Cobblestone – Riverstone

Finish: Natural

Material Type: Cobblestone

Approximate Piece Size: 12” x 12” Mosaic Sheet

Square Feet per Piece: 1 sf

Packing: 5 Pieces/box

Weight per sheet: 3.2 LBS

Square Feet per Box: 5

Thickness: 3/8"

Approximate Weight per Piece: 4.05 lbs

Approximate Weight per Box: 20.25 lbs

Primary Color: Bali Black

Stone Origin: China


*sizing and weight is subject to change based on current stock*

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