Concept Board Collection - CB1185 - Elon Tile

Concept Board Collection - CB1185 - Midnight 3" x 6" Cleft with Midnight Mini Random Strip Mosaic Cleft and White Thassos Moldings Polished Board


A dark grey/black slate consisting of uneven surfaces. This natural stone may consist of different thicknesses, giving each piece its own characteristic. Commonly known for outdoor usage, this stone has become very popular for inside uses such as kitchens and bathrooms due to its durability. Available in a tumbled, cleft or brushed finish.


This board contains the following items:

1 Piece - AM9039P - White Thassos Ogee Molding Polished

1 Sheet - SL1611B - Midnight Mini Random Strip Mosaic Cleft

1 Piece - AM9038P - White Thassos Pencil Molding Polished

8 Pieces - SL1605 - Midnight 3" x 6" Cleft

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